The second two weeks of my EYE have passed very quickly. I was a little bit busy & really full of work and I’ve learned so many new knowledge and acted on all that I’ve learned in the first days, updating the Youtube & Spotify label’s pages and making new playlists on both websites.

The office work is really exciting and the weekend is really amazing to can have spoiled for choice to what to do in this amazing city. Workshops, installations, museums, clubs, art events and so many new people to know and take a good tea together or a beer, which you know in Germany can not miss!




Talking about the work, I started to discover Deezer, a new portal of Music Streaming, a little bit a copy of Spotify I think, and I got to know some basics skills of sound engineering in the Soul Button’s studio, the label boss. He told me about sound waves and the different sound testing techniques. Together we put into practice some things that will help me in the making of the masters for my label.


I discover every day new exciting and fascinating things, many of which were still unknown to me, or almost.
Until now I’m very happy about this my experience in Berlin and every day I think how I can apply these awesome knowledge to my future business.





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