In this period of time I published my first blog post on the blog, check it and leave a comment if you like.
By sharing the post with other people who are interested and engaged in promoting ethical fashion, I gained important knowledge about the world of ethical fashion, that can be crucial for our own business.

Considering SEO strategies, I understood that it is not enough to just produce great content, but also promoting and sharing your content is as important as the content creating! So I learned clever SEO strategies on how to attract more readers to mamahuhu’s blog. These strategies are eye opening which I will definitely will need for my online business.

Besides the daily work on shipping and preparing online orders, I am also responsible for finding new and better logistics since the online team is not happy with the recent logistic partners. So I did a lot of research on that and will talk to new potential logistic partners here in Granada.

The weekly conversations with Luis, the founder and CEO of Mamahuhu about business in general, time-management, mind-set and finances of a business etc. inspire me deeply on being a entrepreneur, especially because they are from his own made experiences. I enjoy these Skype chats a lot, since Luis works in Barcelona.

I am excited about the up-coming projects that will help me in building my own online business.




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