In the past two weeks we continued to work on the hydrophonic structure. We manage to complete the first phase of prototype development – the structure. Process of 3D printing the joints took a couple days, but thanks to great accuracy of elements and good planning, the process of assembling the pieces together went fast and smoothly. We are ready to proceed with the development.

However, as this is not the only one project currently undergoing, we need to slow down a little and take care of others.

The Freebooter project is now in building process and it is very exciting time. Now more than ever collaboration with other parties becomes intense. We are checking all the details, coordinating work in the office and on the building site. I get to know how the project supervising looks like. We are visiting the building plot every week to check if the building process goes according to the schedule and drawings. Each problem is evaluated by our team and solved within few days!




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