During the month that I was out of Poland, I worked few hours a week to keep the important informations concerning the coming Bramat festival up to date. My work consist in taking care of three companies, Sa’wa from Hamburg that will come with refugees, POD theatre from Serbia and Omma theatre from Crete. With the director of Omma theatre we will also create the last show, Odysseum/Legend that will end those ten days of festival. All those days has been very practical: creating a moon and a mask in paper mache and a banner with the sentence ¨There is no Planet B.´

The theme of the festival is “Human Mosaic”, there will be 400 guests from all the world, a lot of performances but also workshops and discussion around tolerance.

We are inviting a drag-queen and it is creating an earthquake. A very political, right oriented article in the local newspaper, criticised our festival. This article received numerous comments on social media and the newspaper article was commented in the main polish newspaper. The article was not positive about our festival but it is showing us that we are facing a ¨wall¨of intolerance and that art is one of the way to fight peacefully against ¨closed mind¨. Culture is so important. We rehearse for the opening show “the wall” with local communities : Babigosh a group of youngsters from a rehabilitation center, the senior and adult group from the theatre. In total, for the opening show, we will perform with 400 people! All this work is so important because it is creating in between those people strong commun memories. It’s a full time work, just for the first show… and there will be 28 shows\events a day.

In the same time I was doing some teasers for the project of the “warriors” that will take place in Broelin, Germany, in september. I am not sleeping a lot and there is more and more international guests arriving everyday. But this time I leave in a community house, in a nice little room, so it is a bit nicer than being isolated as I was during my first 4 month of entrepreneur.

During this last period I am learning how to direct local communities with people that know nothing about performing, I am learning how to organize a festival, create mask, be a tango teacher, sing in solo. I am also learning how to live in a community and communicate with international artists. In other words, I am mostly “learning”.




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