During recent two weeks in GG – loop the team carried on a couple of projects and activities.
Currently we are focused on the grid-shell pavilion that might be exhibited during Milano Design
Week. We are researching this kind of wooden structure, rethinking the ways it can be used and
coming up with new application and forms. Another opportunity to test this approach emerged
recently. Owner of a hotel localized in south Italy intends to build four bungalows in the hotel’s
garden. We were asked to design those pavilions. It is a perfect chance to use grid-shell construction
in a new way and challenge its limits.

At the moment we are also absorbed by the design of hydrophobic structure – modular unit hosting
several facilities like hydroponic system, algae bio reactor, solar panels and more. We plan to finish
the research next week and start working on the prototype, so it can be presented next month.
In the meantime we continue building wooden model freebooter. It is a great way of evaluating the
project. Real live model is a fantastic representation of space, much better than virtual simulation.
Moreover, it can be exhibited and used as a promotion tool for the office.




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