In these weeks I am mainly dealing with the arrangement and storage of personnel contracts and the archiving of invoices previously ordered, following a decreasing chronological order.
The archiving of contracts is an activity that took some days due to the amount of work due to the considerable number of people working for the company.

I also held a meeting with my manager and his colleague of human resources in which I was asked to update the situation regarding the training of personnel, because the company continues to organize courses by dividing into brackets the staff who must follow them.
I also went to visit one of the spaces dedicated to children managed by Senda. A very large site with a large open space where children can play and devote themselves to the most varied games in total safety. So I met some of the educators with whom I exchanged opinions and points of view on an activity of this kind. They were very excited to know me and were intrigued by my experience with EYE.

I would like to say a few words to remember the feast of the woman just passed. March 8th was the international day of all women, and here in Spain there were no demonstrations that took place on the main streets to denounce any suppression, violence and indiscrimination.

See you soon.




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