In these weeks I have dealt a lot with administration, working on different activities. I dealt with
arranging personnel contracts according to an order criterion by first code and then alphabetical; I
reviewed the documentation concerning the training courses that got the staff and I arranged the
documentation concerning the planning of the activities that received the personnel as well as the
receipt of the register reporting the paper material on the computer systems. On the other hand,
some days were dedicated to the settlement of the invoices, so I followed a descending order by
date, from the most recent to the oldest.

In the company I feel more and more inserted for the freedom to carry out the activities, I can
organize the work as I think best, over time and in the way I prefer; I have thus the opportunity to
explain what criterion I have used to fulfill the task assigned to me. I feel more and more
empowered and in one of these days I was in the office alone for a few hours since my manager and
the entrepreneur were out for work commitments and my colleagues too and I had to take calls and
receive people who went to the company for one reason or another, which made me feel the trust
they placed on me and I am very happy with it.

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These days were also marked by the Carnival of Cadiz, a very famous festival felt by all Spaniards.
It was possible to admire the most diverse costumes in the streets and singing and dancing shows by
the groups that participated in the Carnival competitions; all surrounded by a contagious joy.
Thanks to my boyfriend's passion for cycling, I had the chance to visit Barbate, a town 60
kilometers from Jerez de la Frontera, where the Vuelta de Andalusia was held, in which also very
famous athletes took part, including Froome and Poels. We spent a nice Sunday in a very
welcoming city overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and with a great tradition concerning tuna fishing.

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