20 June – 20 July

Berlin Diary I | Italy-Berlin on the road

As I have a Fiat Panda which I fully packed for my transfer and which is not at all a car that can go fast, my Milan-Berlin trip lasted more or less 13 hours. My road trip started at 9 am on June 17, and concluded at midnight. If you are wondering why I decided to travel by car for such a long distance, well, the reasons are quite practical: I had to move several instruments and technical devices that I need for work, plus – even more important – Spencer would have never forgiven me for letting him alone. Spencer is the little boy you see in the picture, who has been part of my life for some amazing 5 years now. At least we kept each other company along the way.



Throughout the adventure, I stopped 4 times. I drove through Switzerland, where I had to buy an expensive highway vignet, then a piece through Austria and fnally I reached Germany (curiously Italy seems the only country where you actually pay high highway fees because in Germany you don’t). Even though my temporary home-country was never ending, throughout the way I learnt that there are two cities both called Frankfurt. I drove by München and then up to Nürnberg, Leipzig and Potsdam. Finally Berlin appeared, like in a blurry dream.

Berlin Diary II – My frst week as a New Entrepreneur

When you cannot wait for something to happen, once you fnally achieve it, it might take a while to realize that it’s fnally just in front of you. This is more or less the sensation I experienced the 20 of June, when the alarm clock rang in my temporary fat in Berlin. Spencer woke up way faster than me but then I hurried up: I had to get dressed and ready for my frst day as a NE within the K18 Studios. Prior to meet up in person, my HE Egill and I had several Skype calls to make sure our working relationship was well-structured and benefcial for both sides. But even though we knew each other via (head)phones, a real face-to-face meeting is always exciting.

After a short induction and a tour around the offce, he introduced me to the rest of the team. It took us few instants to realize the connection between us was great. The K18 Studios is a creative co-working space for music, arts and media production in the heart of Berlin’s Friedrichshain, and it really looks as an ideal place for me where to learn and practice skills and build contacts likely to be maintained in a long-term perspective as a way to boost my future entrepreneurial pathway. Other than that, it’s populated by artists and creatives mind that are willing to share ideas, know how, experiences, during the working hours as well as afterwards, when you enjoy some rest holding a cold drink.

Berlin Diary III – Working at K18 Studios in a rainy summer

For those who wait for the summer to get to Berlin, don’t forget an umbrella. Don’t know if this is an exception or it’s me being particularly unlucky, but since I established in Berlin it has been raining the majority of the time. Even though annoying, on the other hand this is helpful when it comes to work: since the very beginning, Berlin and its thousands of entertainments were not a major distraction, and I could start my job experience fully focused indeed. My daily working life at K18 Studios is quite intense.


After a usual debrief meeting where we share updates and inputs on actions and programs in the agenda, the day runs incredibly fast along with organizing and setting up all operations behind the artistic projects. This might include conception, logistics or both. Part of my commitment is also overseeing the studio rooms as well as the equipment for performers, musicians and artists of various kind. Accordingly, this is a great opportunity to interact with creatives and learn from them on solutions ranging from sound design, production and postproduction. Not even one month since this has started, and already many experiences achieved. If that’s the rhythm, this song is going to be amazing!