3rd and 4th weeks of my EYE in Rotterdam – Emanuele Saracino

Report Emanuele Saracino February 2018
During these weeks basically I kept on working on the two projects we started in January:

  • a complex of 100 small recreational houses in a sea town in the Netherlands
  • a 400 m2 penthouse in the very centre of Rotterdam.

The first project is going very fast and I just finished the drawings that can be the ultimate ones, I was
present when my boss met the clients and I’m working on every phase of the design with my colleagues:
2d, 3d, rendering for presentation, calculation of costs, preparation of the presentation booklets and I
started to check the process to make these units completely or partially prefabs, in order to reduce costs
and building time.

For the second project me and my colleagues made many options for the distribution and the volumes of
the building and the client choose to go forward with an hybrid option between mine and another made by
a colleague, so I worked on 2d and 3d for this option and for its presentation to the client.
For a better display of the work we have done, I made three physical models with polyurethane foam and
various kind of cardboard (pictures attached). The results were quite good and when I went with my boss
and colleagues to the meeting with the client, I was pleased that he appreciated that.
In the next days I will probably go with my boss and some colleagues to a building site of a previous project
of the office, located near the border with Germany, to check the work progress and do some pictures for a
future publication.


11th and 12th periods of my EYE in Poland – Lucio Pileggi

11th period – 15 – 31 january
We are organizing the events in the communities of 2 villages for a small festival in April. The topic is “old and new traditions”. I’m assisting the coordinator on how to create step by step a festival with communities which don’t have a lot of contacts with arts. Plus, we are starting to create the program for the big festival of the end of august with the applications I’m recieving from theatres from abroad.

12th period – 1 – 15 february
The EVS volunteers of Brama are creating a performance, I’m assisting Daniel in directing them during the rehearsals. The work on the micro-event in April continues, we met the different communities and we started to plan with them the festival. During this month there are also 2 performance of Brama in which I will make the lights.


First report of my EYE in the Netherlands – Rut Arumí

I felt in love with The Netherlands last year when I came here as exchange student in the University. Then I have to come back to Spain to finish with my studies but I promise to myself that I’ll be back to that country very soon.

When I had the opportunity to go abroad again with the grant Erasmus for young entrepreneurs I had no doubt that Netherlands will be for sure my first option.

One of the thinks I like the most of the Netherlands is the good organisation they have in almost everything. In the Netherlands things work… most of the time. NS trains, though sometimes late, are frequent and modern, and many other forms of Dutch infrastructure are reliable.

Rubbish is collected regularly, streets are cleaned, you can apply for unemployment benefits if you’re fired and emergency surgery is covered by health insurance.

Effective administration comes at a price, and taxes and insurance fees are not cheap, but they provide a blanket safety net and peace of mind that can spare you from bureaucratic stress that can be common in other countries.

I love travelling and exploring new cities, the Netherlands is a small country, meaning that is so easy to travel from one side to the country to the other. That means that you can explore every corner of the country within the same day.

But what most impressed me was seeing people cycling everywhere and I do not mean students, I mean people all kinds of all lives students, employees, CEO’s, doctors and families cycling all together.
Even it was freezing, every morning I enjoyed riding the bike from home to the office crossing the different neighbourhoods.

There are special rules about not building too many different types of houses in one street, so what you get is a row of well-keps, with picture-perfect front yards and uncurtained windows.
The Dutch don’t feel self-conscious about what goes on behind their front door and feel comfortable with their curtains open. If you close your curtains, you probably have something to hide. Which is why many Dutch families leave their curtains open: so that everyone can see for themselves.

With some of the lowest working hours in Europe, the Netherlands is renowned for its excellent work-life balance and informal work culture.

Part-time employment is common and it is not unusual for parents to renegotiate their working week with their employer after the birth of a child.

There is a freelance culture, you can see many entrepreneurs working from their kitchen table or holding important meetings in cafés.

I really enjoyed the experience of moving to another Country, I had no warning that life in Netherlands would mean adapting in so many little ways like developing thick skin, being a bike fan and loving the orange colour.

I hope I can come back to The Netherlands soon.


6th Report Of My EYE In Spain – Andrea Nolè

During the first two weeks of February, the work has been focused on the promotion of the workshop of the 25th of February, preparing all the didactic materials, printing and spreading the advertising poster of the event.

Together with Begira, we have planned all the activities that are going to be carry out during the workshop and prepared the materials with recycled paper.
All the programme has been chosen with the aim of starting a series of events, which I expect that can be hold in the future, even if I won’t be there.
My mission has been to find a new contact and add to the Zawp’s programme an event that hadn’t been made, increasing the number of activities comprised in Zawp’s calendar.


First month of my EYE at Mine Vaganti – Raminte

January 5, 2018, it was early morning and I was sitting on a bench outside the Alghero-
Fertilia Airport, waiting for a bus to Sassari. It was the official beginning of my Erasmus for
Young Entrepreneurs program, I felt excited and curious.

Sassari is Sardinia’s second most populated city and has a considerable amount of cultural,
touristic, commercial and political importance in the island. It is also a hometown of the Mine
Vaganti NGO, which will be hosting me for 4 coming months.

MVNGO promotes intercultural dialogue, social and green entrepreneurship, social inclusion
through Formal and Non-Formal Education including less privileged target groups as
migrants and people with disabilities. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I was excited to start my
cooperation with an experienced project manager Maria Grazia, who is also one of the
founding members of MVNGO.

It’s been nearly a month since that morning, and I never looked back. January is a very busy
month in the organisation like this, as the deadlines for Erasmus+ project application is
constantly on the agenda (between other daily activities). For me, it’s a great learning

During the first days in the office, I and my host entrepreneur Maria Grazia had a chance to sit
down and talk about our expectations, concerns, rules, roles. I also got my first feedback
regarding the business plan. First week was dedicated to on-boarding & introduction to
MVNGO activities, work plan, internal structure and procedures.

I started familiarising with the current projects, Erasmus+ Guidelines and general tools,
finding my place in the office, meeting my new colleagues and fellow Young Entrepreneurs.
One of the highlights this month was the possibility to attend a project kick-off meeting. It
was a great opportunity to meet potential partners for my future ventures as an independent
entrepreneur. Networking possibilities are always on the list of my top priorities. Furthermore,
I might get a chance to get involved in the trainings that will take place in Sardinia later on
during my stay here.

Looking back, it’s been a great and valuable time so far and I am looking forward to the
coming months.

Rimante is one of the New Entrepreneurs supported by the German intermediary organisation
BUPNET GmbH, Göttingen.


4th report of my EYE at Lemongrass – Tim

Now January has passed and I am still very happy to be in Barcelona. This, for example, I
noticed when I spent a “January-Sunday” on the beach at 20 degrees.

In terms of work, January was a pretty challenging month, as there were initial difficulties
with my project. Due to a server update, the website did not work for some time and I had
to work for several days to fix the problem. Since I have no great IT-skills, I had to deal with a
lot of unknown stuff. Although this was not easy for me, I did learn a lot of new things
because of that and finally got my website up and running again.

At my work for Lemongrass, I have continued to learn many important things about online
marketing. So, I was busy with tasks that dealt with SEO. (You never stop learning things
about SEO – and there are always other things you can learn to improve your position on
Google) For example, one task for me was to write to various online magazines and ask if we
could write articles for them, so that we can post backlinks that refer to our website.
Meanwhile, with my work colleagues from time to time, I get on more well. So, we are also
spending a lot of leisure time together. For example, we have visited a football match of the
FC Barcelona together.

Tim is one of the New Entrepreneurs supported by the German intermediary organisation BUPNET
GmbH, Göttingen.